About Us

WestPub Inc. is a graphic design studio specializing in magazine and publication design. Established in the year 2000 with more than 30 years experience in the publishing industry, we’ve designed titles for The Reserve and National Guard Magazine, UFO, Combat Tactics, Black Guns, and SWAT Magazine, among others. Not just limited to magazines, we also design ads for print and web, large and small books, and just about everything that brings information to the eye, from logos to large truck wraps. Located in Western Colorado, WestPub has worked with clients from all over the United States. In fact, we’ve never met many of them in person, but have grown our business largely through their enthusiastic recommendations!

What Our Clients Say

“The team at WestPub had a constantly evolving design sense that has helped keep COMBAT TACTICS on the cutting edge for eight years. Even better, they’re easy to work with, always ready to pour on the coal for a tight deadline and ever ready with suggestions on how to make things better.”

— Cameron Hopkins, Editorial Director, COMBAT TACTICS

“I have had the privilege of working with WestPub for more than 12 years. Their skill in design, technical expertise and patience on all our collaborations have been a major asset in our lengthy relationship.I would recommend WestPub in any graphics capacity.”

—Don McLean, Senior Editor, The World’s Assault Rifles

“I’ve enjoyed working with WestPub during my time as managing editor at AmeriForce Publishing. WestPub has impressed me with a highly creative and professional approach to page design and art direction. WestPub has been a key asset to producing AmeriForce’s military market magazines.”

—Tom Graves, Managing Editor, AmeriForce Publishing, Inc.

“Without hesitation, we have retained WestPub for the revision of our book in 2011, and also with another book title to follow. WestPub isn’t just our first choice, they’re our only choice!”

—Gary Paul Johnston, co-author, The World’s Assault Rifles

“WestPub is amazing. From a bare-bones rough idea, WestPub can render exceptional graphics and design. Simply put, WestPub makes clients look good.”

—Green Hills Media & Communication

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